Have you ever lost sleep worrying about that call telling you your company is about to be front page news?

Well run organisations think ahead.

They understand the need for due diligence on a potential investment or product; they have cyber security experts to help them defend against a possible hack.

But for too many the first they know about a bad news story is when they get the phone call from a reporter demanding a response.

Media Foresight’s pioneering approach to reputation risk means you don’t have to be caught unprepared.

We will uncover the bad news before it gets to the media by running our own simulated investigation on your behalf. We call it a Media Risk Investigation.

In an interconnected digital world it is crucial to understand vulnerabilities. Media Foresight applies the art of investigative journalism – processes, technology, skills and instincts – to uncover new insights. They are smart and provide us with another window into reputation risk.
— Fraser Hardie, Chairman, Teneo Blue Rubicon

We also offer expert advice on media relations because when a story does break you want someone working for you who understands how the other side thinks.

Media Foresight was founded by former Sunday Times News Editor Stephen Bevan and draws on his network of trusted associates – all with a background in investigative journalism.

Between us we have decades of experience producing front-page stories and running undercover investigations that have directly impacted sales and hit investor confidence. 

Now we are on your side.