Putting the tools of investigative journalism in your hands


Our service is founded upon decades of experience and an in depth understanding of how journalism works: how journalists find stories, how they investigate them, how editors plan the news, how they decide on an angle and the editorial and legal hurdles they need to clear. 

About Stephen

Media Foresight founder Stephen Bevan has been causing headaches for companies for 20 years first as an investigative reporter covering politics, consumer affairs, transport and the environment and then in senior editorial roles at The Times, The Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday.

As News Editor of The Sunday Times he headed the award-winning team behind scoops such as the investigations into the Trojan Horse plot by hard-line Islamists to take over secular state schools in Birmingham and the cheating of emissions tests by diesel car manufacturers

Earlier on in his career he was part of the team behind the paper’s Rip Off Britain campaign which led to a monopolies inquiry into the major supermarkets and helped expose the link between a cluster of birth defects and toxic waste transports in Corby (a case later described as “the British Erin Brockovich”). 

He was arrested covering the violent 2008 elections in Zimbabwe as Africa correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph before returning to the UK to run news investigations as Deputy Head of News for The Times.

Our network

Over the years, Stephen has built a network of loyal and trusted associates – seasoned investigative reporters and tech savvy researchers – so he can put together an expert team that suits your specific needs.

How we can help you

We will provide you with a unique insight into how your organisation is seen by the media. Whether its stress testing how a major report on your environmental and social commitments will be received by the media or ensuring a new acquisition isn’t going to be derailed by a story you are blissfully unaware of, we will dig deep into your organisation exactly as an investigative journalist would.

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